dj khaled

Dj Khaled sons custom made

Dj Khalid has his 4 month old Ashad looking like money honey. His little boy is getting a custom-made tux Justin time for the Grammys. Yes everyone's talking about the Grammys but I am so excited to see what the babies going to be looking like and Khalid says the baby will have a Rolex on. Will you...
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Dj Khaled the Read

Its a big day for DJ Khaled. His new book "The Keys" is available in stores everywhere today! Get yours today at Will you be copping Khaled's new read?
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Dj Khaled Offically Gives Kehlani the Stamp of Approval

Many have things to say about Kehlani after a very hard time in her life, but WHO doesn't have hard times?! Kehlani has kept it positive and kept it moving! Performing all over the world and receiving more love as each performance passes. Over the weekend Dj Khaled says Kehlani is a "Major Key!"...
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