chance the rapper

Chance the Rapper shades Bow Wow

Chance the rapper did the bow wow challenge with his beautiful daughter. He recently posted a video on Instagram that shows him and his daughter about to board a private jet. He says "say hey Mommy" in the following clip chance the rapper is actually in a REAL jet getting ready for take off. Seems...
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Chance the Rapper to Hit the Road This Spring

Streaming star Chance the Rapper continues to make his mark on the music world. Yet to release a traditional debut album, he won three Grammy Awards last weekend including Best Rap Album -- the first streaming-only album to ever win a Grammy.Chance the Rapper celebrated his success by announcing a...
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Chance the Rapper is a Dropout?

Chance the Rapper seems to be on FIRE now a days, recieving 7 Grammy Nominations for "The Coloring Book" as an independent artist is beyond motivating for up coming artist. Now he is ready to drop "Chance The Drop Out" Mixtape which consist of 23 tracks. Will you be listening?
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