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RayJ Slams Kim & Kanye West In a New song called Famous with Chris Brown

Seems like Ray J has NO chill when it comes to attacking Kim Kardashian and Kanye West ESPECIALLY after the recents events with Kanye being hospitalized. Many wonder if Ray J NEEDS to continue to mention Kin Kardashian just to be in the "loop" of fame. Check out his new track with Chris Brown...
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Kanye's Break Down

Kanye West has been hospitalized after a series of concert cancellations. Of course with social media allowing so many to have a voice and to allow their opinions to be heard with so many different rumors regarding what and why this happened to Kanye. We are finally getting down to the nitty gitty...
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Russ Diemon checks in with Toshamakia on The Afternoon Take Over

Russ Diemon stopped by 102 Jamz a station he grew up listening to as a child, he explains that in his 8 minute interview with Toshamakia. Russ touched on the President elect Trump and whether or not he'd rather have racism in his face or hidden, right before his performance at Greensboro's very own...
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Solange is in a lane of her own!

Solange is more than Beyonce's little sister. Solange is in a lane of her own! Solange;s brand new album A Seat At The Table is now #1 on the Billboard Charts! Thee album is a master piece and needed at this very moment in our time. A Solange fact, she is a successful DJ! Dont just fall in love...
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3 Live Crew interviews Katt WIlliams !

Friday morning Katt Williams checked in with the 3 Live Crew. He was very candid as they just chopped it up for 30+ minutes about everything from him being jumped on at a concert in Philly, being choked out by a teen at a park, the money he's made off standup specials, Chris Brown, Meek Mill &...
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Love Saved Chris Brown

Chris Brown has been through hell & back through out his career. Many have opinions on Breezy but one thing with a heart beat is what keeps him going no matter what and that is his beautiful daughter Royalty. Yes Breezy has been in a nasty court battle over his baby girl but that doesn't take...
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Philly's Own Meek Mill says "dating Nicki Minaj is like a Dream"

Meek Mill is living in an absolute dream with Nicki Minaj. No matter what social media says they seem to be going strong and we are all loving it! Meek Mill said I [get] to wake up in my bed and just look at Nicki like, ‘Man, this sh*t has gotta be a dream cause we used to dream all this sh*t and...
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Beyonce and Hov Host Poverity Charity Event

According to the New York Post Beyonce and Jay Z will host a Tidal charity event next month at the Brooklyn Barclay Center. The concert will take place Oct 15th in collaboration with poverty fighting organization. Many star are set to make an appearance, Nicki Minaj, Lauryn Hill and Lil Wayne are...
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Gas Prices

Gas Prices in the Triad

Thanks to GasBuddy , you can see what others have recently paid at gas stations all around the Triad, so you know where the deals are! CLICK HERE TO VISIT GASBUDDY.COM NOW
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Teacher Appreciation, 102 JAMZ Style!

Are you a teacher, male or female? You could receive a free haircut or a shampoo n' style courtesy of Millennium Cutz Barber Shop or Posh Millennium Salon. This is NOT a contest. It's first come, first serve. Be one of the first 102 teachers to sign up, and you will be contacted by a salon or...
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