Guilford County DA Conversation - Part 2

Wednesday, April 25th

Stephanie Reese has been an Assistant DA for 17 years and Avery Crump was a District Court Judge until she resigned to run for Guilford County DA. The 2 Ladies stepped inside Hip Hop Headquarters Wednesday morning, April 25, 2018. This is part 2 of the conversation.

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It is voting Tom early voting has began already started on the nineteenth may eighth is officially the day to vote. And Joseph for county district attorney is indeed great racing gear for county huge the district attorneys won't put you in jail Felicia go home. We have Stephanie resent your favorite car to your neighbor called to the jurors. I'm district court judge and Stephanie Reece has been an assistant DA for seventy years until you just call him up just one note from her views and if they give their vote. What can expect. I don't know if they had over those are both Guerrero about people probation. I don't like soccer fumble. You hero probation you have to pay your rent a cheap shot whatever. But to do that your fear beginner jobs and now and I gently to get a job it's not going to be enough to sustain your living room. And pay your earned restitution or whatever you have to credit shall we don't pay that you want no going back to jail switch machine Michael revolving door to may eighth Troy. Good program want you are not thinking oh grass this could possibly change saying in his speeches. I like jumper or report before you answer Stefan in Beirut however about the feel of the new Philadelphia Diego really does not give this is making some huge huge moves. Count one is like him trying to lie just reduce probation on together. This is a lot of time to mess up their probation within the first twelve months so anything after twelve months is really just wasting time and wasting taxpayers' money zero looter. I do agree that people do when they get in trouble is doing the first twelve months yeah. You really need long probation if you have a lot of money you have to pay back my restitution if you have. Committed serious offense against the victim they've had to go to the hospital made this deserted they get their money back to universities and that's the only when you need a long probation so that. You're not sitting people look for failure they have enough time to pay their money back tomorrow drew charges but no drop. Probation for drew mark you got your card Donald Trump. To your life sentences. For draw. France and I'm Stephanie Avery do you all root for course knowledge still is not trump also wants armed teachers and school how ridiculous is that. You Zemin though won't pay for anything either so Al Skinner does put everybody in jail lenders on paid Imation it you know it saves your place then in every. When people that are saying he's he's ridiculous. So you don't agree you. Anything more than well I'm not so you don't remove what is your stance on probation for drug offenses that are past twelve months like there's some of them you have drug offense for a. We have a drug users I have always thought holy homeboy if it does not do what they have to go through it's just try to make things a limit their life or try to just. Just passed what they went through flooding is always an exciting and our own. A single editing is talking amounts to ease the Isa protesting court costs and fines and jail fees in. Those there's things I'm routine sheet in there should be in the usually is some plans of you committing you're trying and you are trying to get a job you just can't afford that. You made. The district attorney's office should be yeah. That's okay Dwayne day is the judge has to make that ultimate decision for the DA's office should always support just waving their season you're doing everything you can't you should never ever go back GOP haven't paid for costs for. Finds. Or jail c.s because those she's racked up and if it's really unfair. And I agree with that I'm back. In my history speaks for itself I've never seen even one and I Mario I've made this announcement open court. I don't see how do not understand someone to jail because they haven't been able to pay. Court calls were jailed fees or fines if you're doing everything here that there are supposed to do they are out there and they're productive citizens there working every day or they're trying to find a job and not get in trouble. No no not individuals that need to be in jail no. At all and I don't eerie calm and ask your question beaten and do it preserves your brother are well. No regard for good man may eighth gear for county district attorney raise between Stephanie Reece and Avery crawl please vote early. Early voting has started already passed sorry I guess this started when nineteenth and April welcome. We've been out in the rain trying to convince people to come out and vote so come join this make you happy. Oh courthouse downtown Greensboro.