3 Live REWIND!!! NEW GAME ALERT: Girls Know Sports Too!

Wednesday, July 22nd

So, Big Rock was having a conversation with her Husband Chris and she stated she knows just as much about Sports as the "Average" Female. Chris disagreed and called B Daht where he too disagreed. So, in attempts to prove the "average" female listener knows just as much as her, 3 Live Crew invented a new game: Girls Know Sports Too!" Every hour a different female listener would call up and answer a series of sports related trivia compiled by Roxie. Some of the answers were down right pathetic; some participants exceeded expectations! These 4 breaks alone are worth you listening, not to mention, Roxie's husband Chris called up to chastise us about "rigging" the contest!!! B Daht made some comments towards the end of the show that could land him in some hot water with management. Roxie has your Hip Hop Headlines, and Drankins has all ya Ratchet! Enjoy these 80 minutes, and we have your THOTspiration and TBT tomorrow on the #3LiveREWIND!!!