Wednesday, April 25th

Stephanie Reese has been an Assistant DA for 17 years and Avery Crump was a District Court Judge until she resigned to run for Guilford County DA. The 2 Ladies stepped inside Hip Hop Headquarters Wednesday morning, April 25, 2018. This is part 1 of the conversation.

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Then. While drew jams for all through your eight minutes until seven. Another shot eight minutes after 7 AM. There are stronger radio don't forget may sixth is the one ultra jams partial or may eighth is voting day. May eighth is growing day will be electing a new fuel for county district attorney may eighth and we have both candidates in the room this morning. Seventy years as an assistant DA in your account and we have missed their theories. He couldn't go more in good morning to you good over there excellent parlor and arms. District court judge in the area of your favorite Carl. Good morning to you all how you feel this morning unveiling good good that's awesome and offers a job they determine come up how to those who mourn. This is fantastic thing yes I haven't asked if they have an arch your resume all smiles as more and I asked initially. Are you are usually free hands are lost friends or or you like or you won't. Quite long before would each other as a big election let's summarize don't wins some I don't lose now. We'll try hard. Were friends before we we worked in the DA's office. Does this isn't just returning before I became a Jack so we worked we worked known each other for at least eighteen years little more I think. Mariners aren't paper from a man she further what exactly is the role of the year. The role of the DEA is to decide what should prosecute it. He's to decide what cases are not prosecuted. What cases are dismiss what cases are reduced what cases are enhanced but the role is also to determine whether or not. Diversionary programs can be offered. And I am a big proponent of diversionary program haven't history serving in juvenile court. Poker. Those brilliant orange transition right some runners question and a lot of people that are locked up for a you know arm we charges and drug offenses and things of that nature and his arm first cargo cargo would you care reform what is exactly your stance horn. Com giving time for we charges and things of that nature not just our State's first don't we just because it is legal in other areas. And armed charges or locked people love verses give them deferment programs are given the first time offenders program things damage what is your stance on earth. Well I believe everyone's entitled to a first to finish programming especially if you if you had been convicted of anything yet man convicted of a type of drug business you're entitled to that in. I'm so I'm a big believer in that I'm now. Of course you can only do so much if you have made extensive history of dole out drugs then you're not gonna get a first of fitness program for but there was a change in the loss so I'm. You don't. Receive as much time is used to four misdemeanor more talk about misdemeanor. Drug offenses don't have to have at least five or more convictions in order to. I received time for your low level. Class three misdemeanor marijuana now so but that just doesn't have to give you Tom that you you'll find it's strictly discretionary we're pleased arteries. I think it's we definitely do not need people and jailed for low level drug offenses especially for marijuana offenses and serve and they would not work and just attorney's office is pass an eighteen years we've always push to make sure we get low bonds are no bonds on folks who have those type of charges because they used. We don't have ran in the jails and don't need him in his jails we have much more serious crime we need to focus on and I think did him as the disk attorney leadership I would bring would be focused on those much more serious crimes. Making shirts fishing low level drug offenses that we're doing everything we can't get people into deferred programs. Get them into something that's a more positive life that pushes into be a much more involved and you know I days. Understand look this legal in some states and eventually I think we'll probably be legal here many Intel and we need to focus on crimes hurt people. I'm in make those that priority in the Democrats need to work to get people so that they can get jobs so they can go to schools and get house. On an ass with the DA's office and I mean would definitely be focused on this there are racial divide in your for parents they're the reason they're probably still is. I'm hope and then by reaching out and working with a lot of our community leaders like the reverend doctor brown common working on programs. Unlike cure violence that we're gonna be able to bridge any divide that exists how much can this wanting to DA's office has been missing that I really want to do is reaching out to the community. Being open door talking to folks find out what the real issues are and then also redirect in our efforts so we're making sure that people in the community get a fair chance. And it's. When I was hired the guy who hired me Jim Kim or his velocity was always we need to. I help people were we can every chance and only prosecute when we must and I think that is the right philosophy for the disk attorney's office and that's what I want to bring to it. Richard Pryor return. This definitely racial divide. You see that as a judge and asked if I'm seeing a quorum and 90%. These defendants in your courtroom are asking Americans so yes there's a definite racial divide. But what is important. When people come before me they know they're gonna receive theories. They know there we see justice and that's what's important in the district attorney's office I don't just speak it but a walk. At and that's what's neat. Miseries. More bow to you actually of just on the mystery so what is the problem in the judicial system in different candidates you see. And why do you think that people don't trust it. So much. I think they'll. The economy is backed the idea that not many people like you you had asked what is the disk attorney do I don't think people really understand. What happens when you come into the judicial system. I think they aren't part of being the district attorney has to be it we start being part of the community as a whole. And then we also start involving the community in coming up with solutions to our problems we have too many young people. To you know go from school to jail. I'm now that we drop the juvenile age we have an opportunity to sort of change that and I think it if we can. Start using our resource is to give people out of that cycle I think and then that distrust starts to go wake is people conceded. We're not just there for convictions which is what we shouldn't be their fault there were there working for justice to protect the community and are finding ways to get people out of that cycle. Because that helps all of us there are fewer victims our way there are people who are making positive changes. In the end and distrust starts to heal you know we start to have real communication search make real changes I think that's. Why people have a lot of distrust of the system we also need to work. I'm making sure what we're prosecuting is backed up by facts. You know holding everybody in the system accountable law enforcement prosecutors. People on the bench on and I think that there's a sense that that doesn't happen on I think this were a lot of distrust comes from. We'll did Avery crimes answered. Another Sonos can you tomorrow low rent if you have any questions you would like to ask in the future. District attorneys are doing drove down into one of these women gonna win and it's going to be historical because no one has ever sat in the SE so congratulations are order early. I'm.