Lynx Legacy

Sunday (8 PM - 12 Midnight)

Lynx Legacy has been an institution in the Triad nightlife scene for over 18 years. He has operated as the people’s choice of a music curator (MC) in different places like Club Cabaret, The Player’s Club, LAX, and Sugar Bares. Lynx Legacy has helped to bring up countless artists from the streets. Having rocked clubs and parties alongside artists such as Jim Jones, Flo Rida, DMX, TK-n-Cash, and Juicy J, the reputation of Lynx Legacy as a record breaker has expanded beyond the reach of his market. Lynx has always acknowledged his love of radio and his aspiration to be on-air. Described by many as insightful and hilarious, Lynx is a big fan of being in the community. He jumps at every chance he gets to give back and be part of an event. He enjoys his time at 102 JAMZ and loves the company of everyone around.