B-Daht – pronounced B-DOT, finished high school in Greensboro, North Carolina. While attending Winston Salem State University, “Daht” started at 102 JAMZ in the Fall of 2004. He always made it a mission to make everyone in the building at 102 JAMZ smile. Gaining more confidence, Daht eventually... Read More

Big Mo

Big Mo grew up in Queens, New York. While attending North Carolina A&T, Big Mo played Aggie football and worked at the campus radio station, WNAA. Working at WNAA brought him much joy, allowing him to meet lots of people, including major artists. It was there that he met up with Terrance J, who... Read More

Brian B

Brian B grew up in Greensboro. For his high school senior project, Brian conducted a project on the “History of Hip-Hop” where he met D’ Cherie, program director of NCA&T’s WNAA. He attended A&T, worked at WNAA and interned at BET in Washington DC. In 2012, Brian was selected to participate... Read More

DJ Diesel

DJ Diesel grew up in Asheville, NC, watching DJ Scribble on MTV with a passion to DJ since the age of 2! Diesel arrived at Winston Salem State University in 2008, took a step out on faith and bought some DJ equipment. He worked to brand himself among the long line of WSSU DJ's while learning the... Read More

DJ Ern

DJ Ern grew up in the 252, in a small town called Gates, NC. He lived in Raleigh for a period of time before moving to Greensboro to attend NCA&T. In 2006, Ern started DJ'ing campus events, competing in DJ battles and rocking local nightclubs. This grabbed the attention of 102 JAMZ. In 2008, he... Read More

DJ Lil' Vegas

From the tender age of 5, DJ Lil Vegas knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Following in his dad’s footsteps, Vegas began playing around with records, including scratching up some of his father’s collection. By the time he was 10, he was DJing for weddings and parties and starting to create a... Read More

DJ Statixx

Raised in Brooklyn, NYC, Statix started out making Reggae/Dancehall mixtapes. While attending NCA&T, his interest in becoming a DJ grew. In late 2002, he was introduced to the fans of Reggae Jamz by Geronimo, who hosted the show at that time. He has opened shows for artists such as Capleton,... Read More


On the west side of Charlotte, born and raised, being disruptive in class is how he spent most of his days. Doing stand-up comedy and hosting big shows - even helped start Freestyle Funny Comedy, you know how it goes. Drankin started out on the campus of North Carolina A&T, hosting campus and... Read More

Fat Jeez

Fat Jeez is a High Point, North Carolina native and never steers away from his hometown. 102 JAMZ has always been his favorite radio station. He loves his city and everything that JAMZ has done for the community. He gives credit to the television show Martin for inspiring him to become an on-air... Read More


J-Flex was born and raised in Kinston, NC, and graduated from NCA&T State University. He started DJ'ing at the age of 14, got into radio at WNAA while attending NCA&T and became a part of 102 JAMZ during his senior year, mixing on the Saturday Night Flava Mix with Tap Money, who hosted at... Read More


Straight from the 704, JaMya is from Salisbury, North Carolina. But she came to the 336 for better opportunities. As a 2017 graduate of North Carolina A&T, she is always repping her Aggie Pride. In 2015 while she was still in school, JaMya began interning under Big Mo, learning the ropes of the... Read More


Born and raised in Greensboro, JoJo graduated from the Academy at Smith High School. JoJo then took her talents to North Carolina A&T. She developed a dynamic passion for radio and empowered speaking while serving as a panelist and nonprofit activist. After her time as the voice of North... Read More


Originally from Decatur, GA, Kodine (aka KB), moved to Greensboro as a teen. At North Carolina A&T, Kodine received a track scholarship and began building his entertainment company called #CCU. With a team of 100 promoters, KB and his crew would throw massive parties featuring artists like... Read More

Lynx Legacy

Lynx Legacy has been an institution in the Triad nightlife scene for over 18 years. He has operated as the people’s choice of a music curator (MC) in different places like Club Cabaret, The Player’s Club, LAX, and Sugar Bares. Lynx Legacy has helped to bring up countless artists from the streets... Read More

Marky Marc

Marky Marc was born and raised in the nation’s capital, Washington, DC, home of mumbo sauce and GoGo music! Marky Marc grew up listening to radio personalities EZ street & Donnie Simpson, and his passion for radio grew tremendously. In 2010, he began his journey into radio while by attending... Read More

Miss Perry

Miss Perry is a creative, eccentric and multidimensional radio personality. She is a native of Greensboro, NC and is a proud graduated of the Crown Jewel of the CIAA, JOHNSON C SMITH UNIVERSITY! Miss Perry believes she was born and raised into radio. Being the little sister of former Jamz Morning... Read More


Monasia Baker, aka the “Jamz Baby” is an on-air radio personality at 102 Jamz! Known as “The Concrete Jungle Princess” to her Triad listeners, she is ready to take the industry by storm. She grew up admiring Scottie Beam, Déja Vu, and Dominique Da Diva while growing up on Long Island, New York. A... Read More

Morgan McKenzie

Morgan McKenzie is an old soul, with a youthful quality that allures people from all walks of life. She is a native of Winston Salem, North Carolina, and a super-Aggie, with both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from North Carolina A&T. In 2011, Morgan landed an internship with the former “... Read More

Nick Tune

Born in Illinois, Nick Tune moved to North Carolina in 2007 and was immediately introduced to 102 JAMZ. Coming from a very musical home, radio was something that he has always connected with. His love of music goes back to the days when he was four years old riding in the backseat of his parents'... Read More


Listening to 102 JAMZ every morning before school, Roxie knew this was her dream job. “It was my love for radio, and admiration for previous morning show talent, like Afrika, that prompted me to seek an internship with the hottest station in the Triad.” Roxie joined the 102 JAMZ family during her... Read More


Born in the Bronx, Showdown moved to North Carolina in 1990, writing songs and producing music. Showdown has worked as a DJ everywhere from North Carolina to Los Angeles, Kansas City, Baltimore, and New York City. In fact, he worked for Los Angeles’ 100.3 (The Steve Harvey show) before joining 102... Read More


Born in the Bronx, Showdown moved to North Carolina in 1990, writing songs and producing music. Showdown has worked as a DJ everywhere from North Carolina to Los Angeles, Kansas City, Baltimore, and New York City. In fact, he worked for Los Angeles’ 100.3 (The Steve Harvey show) before joining 102... Read More


TishaRaye lives, breathes, and reps her hometown of Winston Salem, North Carolina, 25/8. She attended North Forsyth High School, and graduated in 2013 with a degree from Forsyth Tech. During her time at Forsyth Tech, she was one of the main radio hosts at the school’s radio station, The Forse... Read More

Young Gee

Young Gee is a multifaceted on air personality with over ten years of radio experience. In 2000, as an intern, Young Gee was given the name by actor and television personality Terrance J & CEO of Journee Enterprises Fred Whitfield who work at Jamz during those times. The “Gee” was short for her... Read More