Weekdays (6AM - 10AM)

On the west side of Charlotte, born and raised, being disruptive in class is how he spent most of his days. Doing stand-up comedy and hosting big shows - even helped start Freestyle Funny Comedy, you know how it goes.

Drankin started out on the campus of North Carolina A&T, hosting campus and community shows. At that time, being on the radio just seemed like an idea. His career on radio launched during his debut, doing several comedy contests on 102 JAMZ. After winning consecutive years of the comedy contest, Drankin became a regular on the Wild-Out Wake-Up Morning Show here at 102 JAMZ. His daily crazy shenanigans became his signature, something everyone in the building and listeners wanted to hear and experience.

He prides himself on being a humble and real person. Drankin lives by the motto “Family First”, which has always been something he's stood by. You can listen to Drankin every morning from 6-10 AM during weekdays. But, he really wants to know why you're so nosy that you read all of this...