Toshamakia's interview with BET on domestic violence abuse

June 7, 2017


Toshamakia believes that it's so important to share your life with your listeners. When she was going to through domestic abuse she truly believed that she was born to live that type of life. To the point that she gave up on her faith, because in her head, she thought if God really loved her why would he allow her to go to this? Now looking back she sees that God allowed her to have so many opportunities to leave. She says "I just wouldn't move my feet due to fear." That's why she think it's so important to share her life with so many women, men and children, that might be going through what she once went through. Here's her new interview with BET on domestic violence. She hopes speaking out helps someone out there or you the person reading this right now.

Her documentary "Toshamakia: More than Radio?"  & book will be out very soon!

BET interview below


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