Kevin Durant Works Hard On and Off the Court!

June 9, 2018

What if your favorite basketball player paid for your first year of college?
Well that’s what Kevin Durant did for some Bay Area students. While some fans are excited
about Durant‘s action on the court, many are impressed with his actions off the court. Durant has been
mentoring kids from the Bay Area that participate in the Boys and Girls Club according to sports
illustrated. For four students, the mentoring didn’t stop there when he surprise them as he announced
that he would be paying for their first year of college. He speaks on a little of his past stating that he’s
been through a similar lifestyle of not having much help making ends meet while heading off to the
bigger world after high school. His past experiences pushed him to want to help make others life easier
for them to focus on their education. Kevin was able to connect with each of the students on a personal
one on one level, and he’s definitely made a larger impact on his fans and the Bay Area community.

Here’s the link on YouTube that I found for the above story