Super Bowl Hangover - #MANswers: Is a man using edge control, feminine? New Game: #SnowCap

February 3, 2020
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It was the day after the Super Bowl so of course we did hourly recaps. MANswers was a hit when a woman wrote in asking Roxie if she was overreacting because her boyfriend was using her edge control to lay his edges down and she felt that was feminine. Drankins and Roxie were NOT with B Daht on this one and the Man Law Police even called up to put him in check about it! Drankins had a #RatchetReport on Lil Wayne and Roxie has your Hip Hop Headlines from Megan the Stallion's new boo to Gervantaa Davis' possible assault charges! All of this and more in 78 minutes on the 3 Live, REWIND!


MONDAY, February 3, 2020