3 Live REWIND!! MANswersMonday: Marriage - Kobe Day - Ketchup Slices?

February 24, 2020
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Today was National Bartender Day but, once again, Roxie fumbled and did NOT bring enough ingredients to make Mimosas even though she promoted it all weekend. It is also Kobe Day and Drankins and Roxie gave Daht a hard time regarding an observation from the Lakers v Celtics game yesterday in the 3rd quarter. Drank had a #RatchetReport that may have changed the game as far as condiments are concerned. 6:36am MANswers forced a lashout at 7:36am & 8:36 MANswers was a situation B Daht and Roxie could both relate to! Deontay Wilder, Kobe's Memorial, Do You Care or Nah and much more in 65 minutes! #3LiveREWIND!

MONDAY February 24, 2020