October 8, 2018

By: Maya Perry

October is famous for the Halloween holiday and 1thing is here to give you Eco-friendly Halloween decoration ideas reusing household items from around your house. Here is a list of decorations that can help turn your Halloween into a success.

  • Turn your trash into treasure by using milk jugs and turning them into homemade Ghouls.
  • Black trash bags can be used to make giant spiders.
  • You can also use newspaper and old bed sheets to make Ghosts.
  • Black pantyhose or cotton balls can be shredded to make spider webs.
  • Old Styrofoam or cardboard can be used as tombstones.

This should help you save money and implement new Halloween traditions for you and your family. This will be a great way for your family to bond over arts and crafts to prepare for this holiday season.